About Wellspring


Ann’s Memorial Garden

Wellspring Closes after 20 Years

In the summer of 1999, Ann Hutt Browning imagined that an old carriage house built in the 1880’s in Ashfield, Massachusetts, could be renovated and repurposed as a retreat center for artists and writers. She and her husband, Preston Browning, began to work at this vision and soon, Wellspring House Retreat opened their doors to the public. Though Ann died in 2011, she and her vision for Wellspring lives on. She is remembered lovingly by family, friends, and by all who knew her, and Wellspring House Retreat lives on as a special house for writers and artists. 

In 2019, Wellspring celebrated its 20th Anniversary. In early 2020, faced with the global pandemic, Covid-19, Wellspring House Retreat temporarily closed its doors, and in 2021, the difficult decision was made to close Wellspring permanently. 

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