Dickinson Room

In recognition of: Emily Dickinson

emily_dickinson_daguerreotype.jpgThe Recluse: Emily Dickinson was the consummate mistress of solitude: a known recluse who rarely ventured beyond her family’s home. She lived and wrote just a half-hour drive from Wellspring House, in the collegiate town of Amherst, Massachusetts, where she penned some of America’s most loved verse. The Dickinson Room is an homage to Emily’s quiet spirit. You’ll find volumes of her work waiting for you on the dresser, along with other books carefully chosen in hopes that you’ll find inspiration in their pages. Discover her exuberant verse and channel her ever-questioning nature as you seek your own solitude here at Wellspring House.

The Dickinson Room is available to single residents and couples. The room features a double bed, an armchair, dresser, and bedside table, as well as a desk, desk lamp, and desk chair.

Please note that as of April 9, 2021, Wellspring House Retreat is no longer operational as a Writer’s Retreat.